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Psalm 31 | Krissy Nordhoff


Sarah Kroger/Dwan Hill/Krissy Nordhoff 


Verse 1

What if I just rest here for a moment 

Lean back in the arms that hold me up 

What if I just trust you in the moment 

Trade all my agendas for your love 



And I let go 

I let go 

I let go 

(Cause) it’s all in your hands 

It’s all in your hands

And so am I 


Verse 2 

What if I just surrender my emotions 

To make room for the deeper peace to come 

What if I just leave my heart wide open

Knowing you can move when I don’t rush



Savor the slowing 

Each minute is holy 

The blessings, the beauty

Of Sabbath, Sabbath

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